Monday, November 10, 2008

And so it begins...

It’s a bright new day – okay it’s Monday, just about 7:30 + . Instructions had included to not drink dairy before the blood tests. Because nothing says ‘you’re up waaay too early on a Monday morning quite like not having coffee (cream and sugar; thank you!) while you’re in COSTA RICA!!! We were picked up and delivered by van to the Institute for Cellular Medicine for blood tests (don’t forget to study up!) meetings with staff of note and reviewing with my doctor what to expect in the coming weeks.

Oh! Of course, full payment by cashier’s check for services to be rendered.

We then returned to the base camp for a quick, well deserved cup of coffee and a bite of Costa Rican breakfast of Gallo Pinto (beans and rice), eggs, fresh berry and mango juices and some sort of corn bread filled with …potato, maybe?

Afterwards, we met up with some fellow North Americans with MS and their care givers/significant others/ patient, giving Angels. We all chatted, laughed and commiserated; making plans to be some sort of support for one another, perhaps dine and/or see some of the sights. Can you say ‘ROAD TRIP!’ Sure ya can; I knew ya could…

Then we were whisked to my first appointment for physical therapy. My first day was basically taken with giving my physical therapist, Jennifer, my particulars, and my range of motion capability was tested to see how well (or in MY case, not so much) I was able to perform.

Did you notice that subtle piece of self-deprecation? I hope that it brought a smile to your lips, because that is the last time you will see me say anything negative in regard to my condition. Once again I’m reminded to get over myself; that I am kind of blessed. Yes, I have my problems, but there are others that may have it worse.

Regardless, ::blithely waving his hand in the air:: we all were looking forward to what would be, at the very least, a net improvement. To say that we were all upbeat, positive and quite jazzed would not be an overstatement.

Today may have been the beginning of the whole torturous process, but it was effectively me being poked, prodded and having enough blood taken to feed a vampire Osmond clan.

We had lunch at a local “soda” (mom & pop diner), appropriated named Alexander’s. The Plato de Dia was fried fish, salad, beans, rice and some unknown greenish cubed vegetable. True to form, La did not eat her vegetables.

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glennie said...

Hi Cha,
Well, it sounds harmless enough...and kind of great to be with all those others who will go down this path with you.
Those vegies the green cubed ones are like Chyote or something like it, I think, a squash also, Kate and I had some root thing similar to potatoes.
I warned you about the beans and rice. The one good thing is everyone seems to have a different recipe, so it is tweaked a little each place you go...
so what is up tomorrow?