Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stem Cells are Like Sea-Monkeys........

Today we went back to CIMA Hospital for my first treatment, an intrathecal injection of umbilical stem cells into my spine. I changed out of my civilian clothes into a glamorous green gown and waited for the doctor. A nurse came in and installed an IV lead, not necessary for the procedure, but a safety net "just in case". I thought that it was a good option, although I turned out not to have to make use of it.The doctor came in, had me sit up straight and cleaned my lower back with Betadine. He asked me to "make your belly button meet your spine".' He had me verify my name on the syringe that held the umbilical stem cells. He'd walked in them in an ice-cooler.He then injected the serum into my lumbar spine. The procedure was suprisingly painless!

After I had been injected, I was directed to 'lie flat on my back and do NOTHING.'
Ever the giver, I thought to myself,"I can do that!" As I lay there waiting for the driver to return for pick up, La & I discussed my next actions. Hey, big surprise! it was more of the same.

We drove back to the hotel to resume my activities i.e., another four hours flat on my back at home, staring at the ceiling and listening to the T.V. I did it and avoided the dreaded 'spinal tap headache'

Next up; having liposuction (as if I needed that!) to collect my own cells

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