Sunday, November 9, 2008

. . . Welcome to the Pregame Show

Tomorrow morning the ball finally begins to roll. I'm going to the clinic for the first time for meetings and blood work.

I'm reminded that patience is a virtue.

Hey! I can hang from my thumbs for a night.

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glennie said...

Hi Charlie,
I'm glad to hear you and La have arrived safe and sound. I just wrote a long thing about the hotel I have stayed in while visiting San Jose. Then when I tried to send it the message got deleted bucause I had not signed up to google ....anyway, It is a beautiful place, Finca Rosa Blanca. Owned by an american couple the man is an artist and his name is Glen!
I am not sure they take outside people to dine plus the driveway etc is not exactly not a great idea. The other place I have stayed at is in San Jose. The Bouganvilla, it is clean and the food is OK if you get tired of ordering in or cannot find any place you guys like, it is a good alternative. The hotel has a very pretty garden with walking paths that would be good all paved and easy access for you.Anyway, Carl and I are looking forward to hearing about Monday's keep us posted!