Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today I Got Fat...

Today I went in for yet another spinal injection. This time I also got my first intravenous infusion of the cells that had been harvested from my abdominal fat. Many people claim to 'feel' the stem cells implant themselves into ones head at this point; unfortunately, I was not amongst them. Dang! Cheap Thrill missed...

Regardless, I spoke to the doctor about something I had noticed experiencing over the past couple of days. Whenever I would turn my head or change position while lying down, my head would begin to spin - a nasty case of the 'Whirlies' I had not experienced feeling since my early days with MS; this is not to bitch about this observation either about now or in the past, but to relate that this experience had resurfaced - perhaps on the conditions 'way back out?!?
What was it the techies used to say? "It's not a problem; it's a feature!" I'm excited.

Tomorrow, I have my final physical therapy, followed on Friday with my final injection & infusion.

Stay tuned for continuing observations and elaborations; Same Bat-Time - Same Bat-Channel!

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Elise said...

Hi Charlie,
I'm a journalist covering stem cell treatments for MS patients, particularly Cell Medicine's clinics. I've interviewed Holly Huber, and would love to know how you've been faring since your trip. Would you be willing to talk with me by phone? You can email me at I'm hoping you get this message soon as I'm on a deadline and need to finish my interviews sometime tomorrow, Wednesday March 24th, 2010.
Many thanks,