Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm writing this on Tuesday, November 18th,2008.

Sorry that I didn't write Monday, but our plans to get injected yesterday were altered slightly.
We had to reschedule because the roads were all closed until late in the day. You see, the President of China was in town. He doesn't visit US, he visits Costa Rica. Anyway, we found ourselves battling near Los Angeles rush-hour traffic We started the procedure close to 6pm. The post-injection plan was for me to lay flat on my back, arms at my side, staring at the ceiling and doing nothing for, oh, about 4 hours. Around or about hour 3 I fell asleep and consequently continued on my heroic course of doing nothing.

Today (Tuesday) I found myself at physical therapy, working hard and reviewing my progress.
I pushed myself hard and learned a few new exercises. La wandered around aimlessly. Afterward we went to dine with Chris and Kaye at our new favorite place, Denny's..

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