Thursday, November 13, 2008

Once More Into the Breach, Good Fellows

Today, the ship well & truly left the safety of the harbor and we set sail for unchartered territories. After I had my first stem cell injection yesterday, I relaxed (as best I could) and waited for the next procedure, a liposuctioning of stomach fat cells to adapt as my own ‘stem cells’. And to be honest, I felt good about being able to lose the ‘love handles’. La was jealous.

We left the hotel at 5:10AM (!) to arrive at the CIMA hospital to do this . . . thing and I was changed by my ever-incredible La into my hospital patient greens and then laid down on the gurney. The anesthesiologist held up a syringe for me to see and with a smile proclaimed, “It’s your Pina Colada!” and then attached it to my IV. I smiled back and blinked my eyes…

Well, I closed my eyes - and when my eyes reopened, REALITY CHANGE! I was suddenly in a different room with an entirely different group of people. I was experiencing a mild discomfort on my stomach & that odd –minor- pain in my throat that inferred to me that I had been intubated. Cool. I was done! All that I had left ahead of me for the day was to kick back, relax and recuperate..except for the fact that the nurse who prepped me yesterday was coughing and sneezing and it appears that she has generously donated to the Cha and La Get Cruddy Colds in the Tropics phase of this trip...

Tomorrow…”This is Spinal Tap”, again……..


glennie said...

Yekks...I hope you 2 don't get that cold!
Sounds like quite an adventure...
I'll check in tomorrow.

Suesan Jean said...

Hi Charles....!!!
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your
experiences with us...!!!
I look forward to more of your Blog.
Hugs and Kisses,
Suesan Jean